Get Fit Get Safe. The Ultimate Self-Defense Workout For Women.

Krav Maga Great For Fitness – Perfect For Women’s Self-Defense. Women have long been considered the weaker sex, much to the protestations of feminists everywhere. Unfortunately, this stereotype exists even today in the 21st century. Perhaps that’s why violent crimes against women are at an

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Potential Dangerous Strategy In Saint Louis Women Warn.

Safety when leaving work and in parking lots. when leaving work or even when you are just out and about. One of the key areas where attacks often occur is in parking lots. In this case we have an outdoor parking lot. One of the things that you can do to make yourself a little safer is always

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Rise Of The Crazy Left – Reverse Tea Party.

No Matter What Side You Are On, You Can NOT Deny The Streets Are Much More Dangerous Than They Used To Be. Learn Krav Maga Click Here. According to a fox news article sentiment is very bad and they are beging to see the rise of the reverse tea party. Republican officials are facing more

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