Bust Your Butt Boot Camp

Boot camps are great effective workouts and it’s because you’re usually doing exercises that are really hard

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really challenging. You’re gonna work to a capacity that you probably wouldn’t do if left to your own devices. You’re usually being led by a trainer that’s got a tough demeanor. Who’s basically not let you settle for less then you have. Now the important thing to consider is, is the boot camp instructor you’re choosing really still gonna allow for you to workout at a level that’s appropriate for you.

boot camp

Sometimes the issue with boot camp can become that people are doing exercises that’s really appropriate for their fitness level. So make sure that you’re still working in a level that’s appropriate for you. You should be feeling like they are giving you options, modifications if you need to make something less challenging or progressions if you’re somebody who’s in the camp who’s at a little higher level fitness wise and you want to still be able to progress. You’re also usually working with a team and there’s a team energy that happens in boot camps that don’t happen when you’re working out on your own.

It’s almost like well if they can do it then I can do it. It’s this kind of rah-rah let’s all do this together mentality that makes people push themselves more so then if they were alone on the elliptical staring at the TV at the gym. You’re also going to be doing exercises that are usually just body weight. You’re out in the gym, you’re in the field, you’re in the park. You’re doing exercises for your body that don’t require any equipment. Which means you really have to strengthen your own body.


You have to strengthen your arms, your legs, your core. You’re gonna be doing a lot of cardiovascular activities. Running back and forth. And the benefit of the hard work is that you’re gonna get a great caloric expenditure at the end. It’s kinda like you know if you just kinda keep it in the back of your head that the discomfort is well worth the results. Then you’re gonna get a lot out of your boot camp experience.

my name is Unique and this is my handsome assistant Ari and

we’re here at Energy Fitness in New York City talking about speed and agility techniques. Now this is a different type of drill, this is not going to be speed and agility this is more a balance technique and focusing on a BOSU trainer. Now, the BOSU trainer itself is a like a stability ball on one side and it’s flat on the other and what that does is give your proprioception.

What that means is a control stable environment. So what you want to do if you’re starting this on basic you want to alternate and step, alternate and step, alternate and step. For intermediate or advanced you want to be here, making sure that you’re driving your arms, keeping your chest up high and trying to go as fast as you can, not as fast as anyone else and that can be a basic warm up drill or a part of the circle.

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